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Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets Newsletter: Issue #54 - September 2006

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Issue #54: September 2006
In This Issue:

  • Latest Updates At Tom Venuto.Com
  • Editorial: Hurdling The Hesitation Habit, By Tom Venuto
  • Ask Tom Q & A of The Month: Careers In Fitness: Where Should You Get Certified?
  • Article of the month: The Exercise Enhancement Principle, By David Grisaffi
  • Monthly Motivator: Hope And Try: Twin Sisters Of Doom By Michael Christon
  • Motivational Quotes of the month


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Hurdling The Hesitation Habit
By Tom Venuto

Have you ever read an article or a book about a new training program or a nutritional technique that sounded fantastic, and you had a good feeling that it would work, but you didn't immediately go do it? If you were able to put the idea into practice immediately, but instead you hesitated, then the odds are good that you probably put it off indefinitely and still haven't acted on that idea to this day.

Studies of successful men and women have shown that there is a direct correlation between how fast you take action on a new idea or opportunity when you first hear it and how likely it is that you will ever take action on that idea at all.

Successful people TAKE ACTION! They are testing things, they are doing things, they are in almost perpetual motion! Unsuccessful people are always “thinking about it” creating plans, preparing, getting things ready, or god forbid, waiting until “the time is right” such as “until new years,” “when finals are over,” "after vacation" or “after the kids go back to school.”

Not only are successful people in motion, they initiate motion extremely fast once they begin thinking about it and setting their intentions. They take IMMEDIATE ACTION without hesitation! Successful people leave very little time gap between deciding to do something and doing it. Unsuccessful people hesitate and procrastinate and wait and wait and wait. Time is wasted and opportunities are lost.

Here's an important question to consider: If you repeat an action over and over again, what do you develop? You develop a Habit. 95% of everything you do is habit, so the key to success is to develop good habits.

Now here's the great value in always taking IMMEDIATE ACTION on a new idea: habit force works in both directions, positive or negative. You can develop the hesitation habit or you can develop the immediate action habit. It’s your choice.

If you read about a good training, nutrition or motivational technique and you test it out quickly, what kind of habit are you going to develop? That's right - you're going to develop the IMMEDIATE ACTION HABIT! If you don't take action quickly, you develop the hesitation habit.

I personally know bodybuilders and fitness competitors who have reached the pinnacle of success who have never taken a day of exercise science classes in their lives, they're not certified, they never attend seminars, they don't even read much! But they're the best in their sport simply because they have one important quality: They developed the immediate action habit. They frequently experiment with new methods, and when they hear or think of a new idea - they get in the gym and test it – fast! As a result, they have collected an enormous amount of feedback and learned more from direct experience in a few years than most people do in a lifetime.

These champions don't sit around analyzing, planning and mulling everything over. They don't spend hours in chat rooms arguing about whether high intensity training is better than volume training. They don't waste time arguing with their buddies about whether low carbs are better than high carbs. And they surely don't waste their precious energy on criticizing the way others are doing it. They create a plan and then get into action immediately. If it works, they keep it, if not, they discard it and test something else.

You will always accomplish more through action than you ever will through analysis. As Bodybuilding legend Dave Draper once said;

"You guys can argue all you want about training theories...I'll be in the gym... It's leg day."

If you hit the gym and try something new, or shuffle around your nutritional intake in a way you've never done before, only two things can happen: It will work or it won’t work. If it works, you'll want to do more of that. If it doesn’t work, you will learn something and gain more experience, so its really not a failure, it’s a valuable learning. But NOTHING will happen unless you take action.

Many people avoid acting on new ideas because of the fear of failure. But you can't succeed without failing because if you're not failing, it means you're not doing anything - you're not taking enough action. The most successful people are actually the ones who “failed” the most and therefore, increased their learning rate.

So the next time you read something useful; the next time you hear a good idea, the next time you make a decision, the next time you set an intention - TAKE ACTION ON IT IMMEDIATELY and start developing the FAST ACTION HABIT. Go for it. The universe loves speed, and he who hesitates is lost.

- Tom Venuto


How to start a career in fitness – where to get certified? (updated 2006)

I have been thinking about changing careers. I have always been interested in health and fitness. Do you have any suggestions as to institutions I might contact should I decide to pursue this particular path? I have a strong interest in nutrition, and was wondering if many health clubs hire people for nutrition consultation, and if so, what type of certification/degree would they be looking for?


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"The Exercise Enhancement Principle"
How To Transform Your Entire Life Through Exercise
By David Grisaffi

As I strolled down the foggy Seattle waterfront with Jim, a long-time personal training client of mine, we began to chat about how important exercise has been to him and how much it has enhanced his entire life – not just his body and his health, but also his career, relationships, self esteem, attitude and everything else.

You see, before coming to me for help, Jim was 60 pounds over weight, he had dangerously high cholesterol and was having breathing problems that were seriously affecting his quality of life.

Jim recalled to me how he used to sit at his desk at work all morning long, unfocused and unproductive, dreaming of nothing but lunch break, and then all afternoon, thinking of nothing but the 5:00 bell and then a big dinner! He did his job well, but not up to his own standards. He knew he could do better.

He knew he could do better physically too. When we began slowly with a simple walking program, Jim blossomed quickly. His enthusiasm skyrocketed and he went almost over night from a couch potato to an “exercise machine” and as a result, his whole life changed.

That is what I call "Exercise Enhancement." Jim didn’t just want a better body, he wanted to enhance his entire life... and with just a little guidance from me, adding exercise was the single catalyst that sparked a whole-life transformation.

Jim was probably a lot like you. He had the number one excuse for not starting an exercise program… "I don’t have time." I told him, “There are lots of people who have full time job, have to get children to school or practice and still have time to exercise – I’m one of them! You have to make it a priority, put it on your schedule and make it happen.” I continued, "You find time to watch wheel of fortune don’t you?" So get on your treadmill (we bought one for him) and walk while you watch!”

As we continued to saunter down the waterfront, it was your typical wet, drizzly, cloudy North-Pacific day, but that day was as bright as ever for Jim. Looking back on all the changes that had happened in his life, we started talking about why more people don’t exercise and why everybody who doesn’t needs to start today!

Weight loss is number one on most people's lists! You have to do some form of exercise to lose body fat. It’s a no brainer. Reduce your calorie intake a little bit in combination with the exercise, and POOF! Say goodbye to body fat.

Fitness is number two on most people’s list. Jim mentioned how he was having serious trouble breathing and he knew he had to do something about it. For some people the moment of realization happens when they have to climb several flights of stairs for the first time in months or years, and they find themselves gasping for air when they finally make it to the top.

Remember something. Fitness is not achieved through dieting. Fitness is achieved by exercising and moving your body. Being physically fit extends your life, reduces heart disease and cancer, increases your brain function and the list of benefits could go on for pages!

The idea of doing something you know will make you feel better is a challenge to some. Some seem intimidated by it, while others thrive on the challenge. If you find yourself procrastinating, or if you are intimidated by the whole exercise thing, then remember that success and achievement are like a big boulder. Overcome the inertia and set that thing rolling in the right direction, and very soon it’s got momentum that is hard to stop. Sure, it's a challenge. Accept it! Accept the challenge of enhancing your body and your entire life. Set the goals and achieve them. Trust me, if Jim and dozens of my other clients can do it, then so can you.

The psychological improvements that can happen to you by beginning even the simplest exercise program are still astonishing to me. I watch my clients lose some weight, and immediately their self esteem shoots up and they start to feel good about their bodies for the first time ever. I notice them coming into the gym in tank tops confidently, smiling, when they used to stay covered up in baggy clothing. Soon, they begin to blossom mentally and emotionally. Yes, even spiritually. Exercise is good for the soul!

So I say, lets get to work, shall we? Don’t you want to feel better physically as well as emotionally? Imagine putting on any swimsuit you want – even a skimpy one -and going out to a crowded beach or pool and feeling better about your body than you ever have before. Not only can it happen, it will happen, but only if you get moving!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt depressed before. Most of us have, but I’m almost certain that your mood has felt a little “down” at times. Did you know how dramatically your mood can improve after an exercise session? Before the workout you may find your “down” mood causing you to think, ‘I don’t feel like exercising.’ But if you get moving in spite of that, you can feel like a new person afterwards.

My mentor Paul Chek says, "Exercise should be your drug of choice!" But it’s not just the physical benefits – the endorphins and “good mood” chemicals you stirred up – it’s also the fact that you took action, and every time you take action, your self esteem rises and so does your mood right along with it. Emotion follows motion. Remember that.

Even better, exercise reduces stress! Who doesn’t feel at least a little stressed these days? The exact same thing is true about exercise for reducing stress as it is for changing your mood. So I say again – get moving! Get to work and see how it changes not just the way you look, but the way you feel – and see how fast it happens!

Now you're in tune with how exercise can be a beneficial addition to your lifestyle, so let’s get you started with some specific guidelines!

David Grisaffi’s Guidelines for “Exercise Enhancement”:

  • Get out there and do it – right now – even if you don’t feel like it. Overcome inertia and get that ball rolling now!
  • When you “don’t feel like exercising” remind yourself that exercise is what will make you feel better!
  • Do not think of exercise as painful ordeal like the dentist, think of it as relaxation and de-stressing time.
  • Not sure how to start? Try combining 20 minutes of strength training two or three times per week with three one hour sessions of unstress-full aerobics like walking and you are on your way!
  • Set goals and write them down. I make all my clients sign an exercise contract and tell them to post a copy wherever they will see it often and get motivated by it, like in the car, on the refrigerator, on the mirror etc.

There’s one last thing I want to share with you and warn you about. I call it, “The Fearless HUMP!” This is the bump in the road that everyone hits at some stage in their journey and most people find difficult to pass. It’s when you run into an obstacle in your path and you turn it into something bigger than it really is and use it as an excuse to waiver from your routine. If you let it block you, that’s when the “boulder” may start rolling in the opposite direction. What do you do? There’s no trick to it – press onward, be fearless and get over the hump! You must be consistent to make exercise a habit and stick with it!

Get going! Find an environment that nurtures your goals. Find a workout partner near your age, ability and motivational level. If you like to workout on your own, great! Just find whatever special surroundings that will help in your quest for better health. Most important, remember that exercise is a life long journey that will not just improve your health and your body, it will have a ripple effect and enhance every single part of your life… that’s the “Exercise enhancement principle!”

About The Author

David Grisaffi majored in physical education and is a certified high performance exercise kinesiologist with the CHEK institute. David holds a total of 6 certifications, he is a high school wrestling and baseball coach as well as an independent trainer and strength coach, known especially for his work with professional boxers and golfers. David is the author of, Firm And Flatten Your Abs an online best seller which teaches you how to lose body fat and develop “six pack abs’ while improving strength, function and athletic power at the same time. You can contact David or learn more about his programs at


The Twin Sisters Of Doom - 'Try' And 'Hope'
By Michael Christon

"I'll try and get that done", "Great idea but…", "I hope so…" Ahhhhhh!

Language is a fascinating thing. It has the power to move people to succeed in their endeavors, inspire millions to strive for something better and create powerful change in a matter of moments.

It also has the potential to disarm, disempower and guarantee failure.

Ironically, the latter is often unexpected, and worse, self-inflicted.

Read or listen to the words of inspirational greats such as Ghandi, Luther King and Churchill and you will hear a resolute turn of phrase with an unflinching drive and purpose. Each word builds upon the last, creating confidence and passion, compelling the listener to act, to achieve, to succeed.

The success of such speakers cannot be argued, neither can it be said that each did not create powerful change in the minds of others.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a wordsmith of such great standing in order to inspire achievement; in fact you could choose to change only one or two words and hence avoid unwitting sabotage of what otherwise is your plan for success.

Many people set their mind on wonderful goals, perhaps even describe an impassioned depiction of a future state of success, and then immediately trip themselves up with a lame and inappropriate description of the ongoing activity.

Consider the 'twin sisters of doom' - the words 'try' and 'hope'…

"I'll try and make it work"
"I hope to get it done"

Hope is a wonderful thing when characterized as a will to succeed, however when used in a similar way to the word 'try', both words detract from the ongoing activity and introduce an alternative focus, for they hold an inherent suggestion of failure.

You need only add the vampiric anathema of 'but' and you will have drained every last drop of success from your quest!

'But' is an incredible word which in only three letters completely negates everything that precedes it. It has an intrinsic logic that entirely changes the comprehension of any utterance, it is as if those three letters actually say 'I didn't really mean what I just said, what I'm really thinking is this'.

Now when you bring together 'but', 'try' and 'hope', it is easy to realise how people often talk themselves into failure. Of course the real challenge is that such words are part of natural speech, for some it is even a cultural norm to temper communication and unwittingly march toward defeat…

So let's make a simple change for the better.

Consider again what it is you want to achieve and steal success from the jaws of defeat by changing those words and creating a compelling message for yourself and others.

Gone are the days of the 'but' - No longer is it what you will 'try to achieve'; instead it is what you are GOING TO ACHIEVE!

Don't try - DO!

Don't hope - DO!

Of course, communication is not just about what you say to yourself.

Consider carefully what it is you are saying to others, like the employee who you wish to inspire to succeed by strangely asking him/her to 'try and do it', or the customer who you are supposedly helping by saying 'I understand, but…'. Clearly, this also needs to change for the better.

Switch now to the language of achievement, banish the 'but' and disown the 'twin sisters', and in turn you will help others succeed.

To conclude, let us once again recall the words of those inspirational greats and contemplate the alternative history that could so easily have been reality had their words been different…

Do you think we would have gone to the moon if JFK had said 'We will try to go to the moon in this decade…'?

Would the civil rights movement of Luther King had as much success if he had said 'I have a dream, but…'?

Would Britain be the same place had Churchill said, 'We will try and fight them on the beaches, we hope to defend our island…'?

There is clearly so much more to say on such an important subject, including the use of language to create positive change, the art of persuasion and influence, and the essence of effective communication. Given the clear importance of each in business, I am sure you will agree that all are essential ingredients of a great NLP business practitioner programme…

For the moment, just remember words can create either success or failure and hence it is your choice that determines this for yourself and others.

So, just DO it!

© 2006 Michael Christon and Enhance Training & Coaching Limited.
Reprinted with permission

About The Author

Michael Christon is a Licensed NLP Trainer certified by the Society of NLP - Richard Bandler, and founder of Enhance, the widely respected business training and coaching organisation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Renowned for his unique insight, Michael creates intuitive and incredibly rewarding training programmes guaranteed to produce business and personal success.

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“I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you’re a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you’ll win – if you don’t, you won’t.”

- Bruce Jenner, Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon

“When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all.”

– Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US president

“Are you pleased with your place in the world? If your answer is yes, what’s your next port of call? If your answer is no, what are you going to do about it?"

- Earl Nightingale

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."

- Martin Lurther King, Jr.

“For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.”

- Mary Kay Ash

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

- Henry James

“I am always doing that thing which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

- Pablo Picasso

"The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don't like to do. They don't like doing them either, necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose."

- E.M. Gray

“I always thought that if something wasn’t working, that might be an indication that it was time to do something else! It you know that something doesn’t work, then anything else has a better chance of working than more of the same thing.”

- Richard Bandler

“Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your minds eye and you will be drawn towards it. Picture yourself vividly as defeated and that alone will make victory impossible. Picture yourself vividly as winning and that alone will contribute immesureably to success. Great living starts with a picture, held in your imagination, of what you would like to do or be.”

- Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho Cybernetics

“The outcome of most situations is decided over the long tgerm. Quickly getting out of the starting blocks may get people’s attention, but all that counts is where you are when the race is over.”

- Robert Ringer, Author of “Action: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves”

“Emotion is created by motion. Everything that we feel is the result of how we use our bodies.”

- Anthnoy Robbins

“Once you set a goal, you can adjust and fine-tune it any way you wish. That’s called creativity.”

- Denis Waitley

The secret is the law of attraction.”

- Bob Proctor


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When Lewis asked me to be a part of this project, he confronted me with the big question on which the entire book is based: “What is the best way to gain maximum muscle and lose maximum fat in only 30 days?” When I first heard it, I have to admit, I didn’t like the question. You see, I’ve always believed in a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of philosophy, not an “overnight muscle” or “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” type of mentality (which usually reeks of fads, gimmicks and scams).

However, everybody wants results as quickly as possible and no one wants to waste time on diet and training methods that don’t produce. Although you can only achieve so much in a single month, the truth is, the first 30 days on a properly designed training program, supported by sound nutrition in an optimally “primed” (and not over-trained) body, will always be the period with the greatest results. After that, your results start to level off as your body becomes accustomed to the old routine.

So I decided that this was a question that deserved an answer and I agreed to write one of the chapters in Lewis’s book. I racked my brains for weeks to come up with a program that would produce the most muscle growth in only 30 days. What I developed, I named the “30 day growth spurt program.” Why did I call it a “growth spurt” program? I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Thousands of people have lost body fat using my fat loss diet methods, and now you can get a chance, in this new book, to see my nutrition and training methods for maximum muscle growth - including the secrets to gaining muscle as quickly as humanly possible, without resorting to dangerous steroids. (By the way, my chapter focuses on muscle growth, but some of the other trainers in the book focus on fat loss and there is advice for women as well as men)

Will this program turn you into Mr. Olympia or pack 20 pounds of muscle on you in a month? Of course not. In fact, I confront - head on - the issue of false muscle growth claims and I teach you how to set a realistic, but ambitious goal for gaining muscle. Although I'm not promising miracles, I’m confident that if you follow the nutrition and training protocol to a T, you will experience some of the best progress you’ve ever achieved in such a short period of time. For all the details, click here:

All Star Trainer's Secrets to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss


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